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Leather is a material created through the tanning of hides and skins of animals, primarily cattlehide. The tanning process converts the putrescible skin into a durable, long-lasting and versatile natural material for various uses.

Leather is an important material with many uses. Together with wood, leather formed the basis of much ancient technology. The leather industry and the fur industry are distinct industries that are differentiated by the importance of their raw materials. In the leather industry the raw materials are by-products of the meat industry, with the meat having higher value than the skin. The fur industry uses raw materials that are higher in value than the meat and hence the meat is classified as a by-product. Taxidermy also makes use of the skin of animals, but generally the head and part of the back are used. Hides and skins are also used in the manufacture of glue and gelatin.
Features Of Leather Sector In India
  •   Employs 2.5 million persons.
  •   A large part (nearly 60-65%) of the production is in the Small/Cottage Sector.
  •   Annual export value poised to touch about 2 billion US dollars.
  •   Amongst top 8 export earners for India.
  •   Endowed with 10% of the world raw material and export constitutes about 2% of the world trade.
  •   Has enormous potential for future growth.
  •   Very high value addition within the country.

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